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Press Release: Green Marimba releases new cannabis payment processing solutions
January 25, 2017

Announcing Green Marimba – New Cannabis Software

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December 9th, 2016

BOULDER, CO – Today Green Marimba is excited to announce the the launch of its new cannabis software and services for Colorado and Oregon.

The Green Marimba Product and Service Suite is designed to provide best-of-breed software and services across the entire cannabis life-cycle, providing dispensaries, cultivators, and manufacturers with feature rich software delivered on all devices. We strive to deliver the best services modern cannabis operations need to thrive and succeed in an exciting marketplace and this commitment is expressed in our tagline:  Supercharge your cannabis workflow ()

In spite of the opportunities, the challenges for the growing cannabis industry today are many and great:

  • Compliance management, reporting, data retention, data security
  • Multiple disparate/unconnected commercial systems for different parts of the workflow
  • Lack of availability of high quality software at reasonable prices, that deliver value
  • High degree of manual processes, lacking integration to other departments & functions
  • High cost of banking, legal, and payment processing services
  • Skill shortages, turn over
  • Metrc training and compliance costs
  • Organizations need to become experts in many things to succeed: operations, retail, wholesale, forecasting, compliance and regulations, logistics, packaging, customer relations, branding, order processing, horticulture, genetics, medicine/wellness (whew! How do you possibly staff for that?)
  • Errors/re-work due to poorly integrated processes/data

Green Marimba’s mission is to make life easier for all licensees, by integrating and delivering best-of-breed technology and best-of-breed service across the entire cannabis lifecycle, delivering high impact/high value services at a reasonable price. To make your life easier.

About Green Marimba

Founded in 2016 in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, Green Marimba Technologies is a leading provider of software and web solutions to the cannabis industry, including commercial website hosting, website add-on functionalities, and an array of web-based tools for managing sales, customer relationships, marketing, wholesale purchasing, compliance, and more. Our executive team has over 40 years of combined experience managing web application development, online payment processing, web/cloud hosting, and data and information security. The Green Marimba product and software suite combines top industry partners and technologies, best-of-breed leading-edge 3rd party software, and our own cloud-native cannabis software platform to deliver big impacts in service and value to cannabis licensees at all phases of the cannabis life-cycle. Green Marimba: Supercharge your Cannabis Workflow ™.

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Rod Murillo
Rod Murillo
Rod Murillo is Co-founder and CEO of Green Marimba.
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