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January 25, 2017

Green Marimba announces cannabis SMS Marketing Platform for dispensaries and growers

Phone showing Green Marimba's SMS Marketing Platform

Green Marimba has added a new cannabis SMS Marketing Platform to its suite of software and services for the cannabis industry. This second web-based platform is aimed at meeting cannabis companies’ needs for increased and improved marketing and brand promotion services. The SMS Marketing Platform provides a web interface that marijuana dispensaries can use to set up and run marketing campaigns based on text messaging. Customers can sign up for the service at check out or on a dispensary website to receive periodic texts alerting them to new products, specials, discounts, or other custom content.

The user interface allows business owners to compose messages, define discount codes, and manage when the messages are sent and who they are sent to. Messages can be discreet or mention products by name, and conversions can be tracked to determine success rates for different kinds of messages in order to improve customer engagement. Customers can unsubscribe from the service at any time, and businesses can choose from several packages based on the number of messages they expect to send out each month.

The SMS Marketing Platform can function as a stand-alone web service, with businesses logging on and managing campaigns from any web-enabled device, or it can be integrated into Green Marimba’s Metrc-integrated web platform for hosting public websites.¬†For businesses that choose to host their websites with Green Marimba, the SMS functionalities appear on their private dashboard along with the other web marketing/CRM tools for sending out newsletters and targeted email campaigns. SMS marketing can also be integrated into larger loyalty programs or used in conjunction with online ordering for delivery or in-store pickup.

CEO Rod Murillo says, “Text messaging as a marketing strategy is an increasingly common means of improving customer engagement and satisfaction. Given the number of licenses that have been issued for recreational marijuana in states like Oregon and Colorado, we expect a significant increase in competition towards the end of 2017 and the first quarter of 2018. Some dispensaries are not focused on marketing right now, but that is going to change. Our goal is to provide as much infrastructure as possible to all license types to help them be as agile and successful as possible in this exciting new market.”

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