Cannabis Compliance and Legal Services

Run a fully compliant business with management tools to effectively manage day-to-day operations in strict adherence to the legal and regulatory framework.

Besides providing a robust Metrcâ„¢ integrated platform with security, sales/purchasing platform, inventory management tools, and customer relationship management tools, we provide unique value for enterprise clients by integrating cannabis compliance checklists and establishing policies through each phase of your business operation and development. Green Marimba is committed to continually offering new compliance functionalities to effectively serve an ever-changing regulatory environment. Our enterprise service also includes a monthly management assessment to go over any issues and find out your businesses particular needs.

Compliance Dashboard Features

Our platform features the Compliance Dashboard that provides one place to review and monitor your compliance program. The Dashboard features:

Self-Audit Checklists

Our platform lets you assess your regulatory needs through a series of checklists and other assessment tools. After the audit, the Compliance Dashboard allows you to assign various tasks to your staff and follow progress to ensure that any issues are resolved.

State Policies and Rules

In the cannabis industry, it is critical for the business to ensure that current and new managers and staff understand their responsibilities under the local and state rules. The Compliance Dashboard includes relevant policies that are regularly updated by our legal staff.

Monthly Assessment

As a service, our legal team can provide monthly assessment services to verify whether your operations fall within the legal and regulatory guidelines established for the state you are operating in. (Not available in all states.)

Alerts and Periodic Bulletins

The Compliance Dashboard also includes alerts on changes to law or emergency rulemaking relevant to your business. Additionally, we will provide periodic bulletins on important topics related to regulatory observance.

Legal Consultation

If your business needs legal advice related to regulatory and other matters, we have partnered with Mosaic Legal Partners, a Colorado corporate and business transactions law firm for startups and established ventures. This firm focuses on entity formation, business contracts, employment, finance, compliance, and all other corporate transactions with expertise in marijuana business matters. Whether you are looking to enter the marijuana industry or are already established, Mosaic Legal Partners provides the advice and counsel to help you succeed. Our firm’s principles are simple: deliver practical solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs by providing effective and concise legal guidance.

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