Cannabis SMS Marketing Platform

SMS platform designed for the cannabis industry - Increase customer engagement by scheduling automated text messages to your customers!

How can text messages help my business?

Reach out to your dispensary customers with targeted text messages, advertising specials, discounts, or reminders. If they don’t want them, they can unsubscribe at any time.
Instead of waiting until they come to you, contact customers before they run out, to increase the likelihood that they will choose your dispensary.
Offer rewards in exchange for participating in surveys, in order to learn valuable information about your business, clientele, or specific market.
Make shopping fun and build a community around your brand by advertising weekly specials, like Friday afternoon deals or Sunday sample packs.

How does it work?

Use our simple web interface to create text messages for different situations, to be sent out to individuals, groups, or everyone.

Include different discount codes with expiration dates for each message, and you can track the success of your campaigns by seeing how many people come in and use them.

Why not use another SMS service?

  • Many SMS platforms don’t provide services to cannabis businesses.
  • Many SMS services charge high rates, or lock you into plans that don’t fit the needs of this industry.
  • Other companies providing SMS services may not protect your information adequately.

  • Limited flexibility

Green Marimba:

  • We love the cannabis industry!
  • Green Marimba offers a wide variety of packages to meet any needs, at the best prices available.
  • Green Marimba never requests any identifying information from end users, never shares or sells your number, and keeps all message content protected and confidential.
  • Green Marimba’s SMS cannabis marketing platform allows you to create unlimited groups so you can send different messages to different types of customers.



Addressing Privacy Concerns

Privacy and discretion are very important in communications with dispensary customers. Some consumers may not wish to receive messages that explicitly reference marijuana or cannabis products for a variety of reasons. Nobody wants to create awkward or embarrassing moments, and cannabis businesses should respect consumers’ expectations of discretion.

Green Marimba’s SMS platform allows you to create different kinds of message templates for different consumers. When users sign up, they can request discreet messaging to ensure that their communications remain private.

Green Marimba does not request, require, or collect any personal information. Only a phone number is required to receive text messages, although dispensaries may incorporate SMS messaging into a larger loyalty program at the customer’s request and with their permission.

Add delivery services for marijuana or cannabis products, or online ordering for in-store pickup

Do you deliver cannabis products to customers, or allow them to make orders online via a website for in-store pickup? Green Marimba’s SMS Marketing platform can be bundled with our Web Marketing Platform to integrate an SMS cannabis marketing plan and online ordering capabilities into your existing website. Or host your website on our customized platform and let us handle your maintenance, security, and updating needs. Our platform offers front-end functionalities that can improve your web presence and customer engagement, and back-end functionalities for streamlining your operations such as inventory management tools, order tracking, wholesale purchasing from your dashboard, analytics and reporting features, and dynamic product menu options for display either on your website on in-store displays.

At Green Marimba, we are committed to offering you the tools you need to succeed in a competitive market.
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