Cannabis Marketing Platform

Integrate your website into our cannabis marketing platform for improved customer outreach, engagement, and satisfaction. Online ordering, loyalty program, newsletter, and email/text message campaigns built in.

Competition has replaced compliance as dispensaries' main headache. Green Marimba’s cannabis marketing platform is the only Metrc-integrated product on the market that addresses marijuana businesses' needs to market their products and actively reach out to customers to increase revenue and build a brand. Engage customers, manage inventory, and place orders with wholesalers... all from the convenience of your dashboard.

Our web platform offers a powerful set of features and functions aimed at helping cannabis businesses connect with their customers better

What is web marketing and how can it help my business?

Make your website “sticky”

Increasing the amount of time customers spend on your website strengthens your brand and community. Make your website more engaging by adding functionalities that get users to interact, instead of just viewing information.

Two-way communication

You want customers to go to your website, but reaching out to them via emails, newsletters, or text messages is a proven way of keeping your business in their minds. Most successful retail stores try to reach customers in some way.

Reward loyalty

Establishing loyalty programs with rewards based on points or purchases is a common and popular way for retail stores to encourage loyalty. Your customers save money, and you send a message that they are important to your business.

Know your customer

By taking orders online or getting them to join a loyalty program, you can collect information such as gender, age, or zip code. This information can help you customize the store experience or know where to advertise.

Search Engine Optimization

When people are searching the Internet, do they find your site? SEO essentials are built into our platform, and we can help you develop strategies to make sure that people searching for products you sell end up on your doorstep.

Advertise online

Advertising your store or products online is complicated due to strict advertising rules on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. However, there are other marijuana-friendly or neutral platforms like YouTube, Mantis, Mass Roots, and Social High where ads can be placed. We can help you identify how and where to advertise.

Exploit social networks

Linking your website to a Facebook or Instagram page and posting regularly on social networks helps generate exposure. Timing them with holidays, current events, or even the weather can reinforce positive associations with your business.

In-store signage

We can help you create web content that can be displayed on a monitor on in-store display. Add dynamic menus, slideshows, gallery images, or other content to improve customers’ experience of your store.

How Green Marimba can help your business

All the essentials you need for web marketing are built into our platform, including a customizable loyalty program, SMS/Text Messaging capabilities, newsletter and email campaign functionalities, blog templates, forums, analytics and reporting features, and more. These can be added to your website whenever you are ready, whether your website is hosted with us or somewhere else, and we can customize any pages we add so that they fit into your website’s look and feel. Add shopping cart functionalities for online ordering and in-store pickup, and collect non-identifying demographic information as part of the checkout procedure. And if you decide that you want to place advertisements online, we can install tools that will help you determine the right keywords to use and track conversions from your ads.

Tip: keep an eye on the value of your business

As you develop your business, it will gain value. This value is typically reflected in revenue and profits, but another important component of its value is your customers. If in the future you wish or need to sell your business, being able to demonstrate a large customer base could significantly increase its valuation. If you have a loyalty program database with customer email addresses or phone numbers, not only does this give credibility to your estimates of the size of your customer base, but you would also be providing the buyer with a means of directly reaching out to your customers to help ensure a smooth transition and high customer retention. In contrast, if you have not collected any information about your customers, a buyer may not be willing to pay as much for your business.

Features & Benefits of Our Cannabis Marketing Platform for Dispensaries

Front End Website

The cornerstone of your marketing efforts will be your web presence.

  • A professional, customizable website, with minimal development costs!
  • Online product menus, so that your customers can see what you have before coming to your store - with updated inventory status from Metrc.
  • Shopping cart functionalities allow users to order products online for in-store delivery, with Metrc compliance handled seamlessly in the background.
  • Built in features and support for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Customer loyalty program – offer a system of rewards for being a regular customer.
  • Show off your product line in the store with web-based displays. Menus automatically updated with inventory data!
  • Social Media integration for easy sharing across SM platforms.

Private Dashboard

Our back-end administration area provides tools for acting on the information you collect:

  • Send targeted text messages based on a customer’s purchasing history, as part of a campaign, or triggered by changes in inventory (new products, product availability, etc.)
  • Send out newsletters advertising special deals or notifying customers of changes in inventory, product offerings, or other store information.
  • Create email campaigns targeting specific categories of customer, such as messages aimed at women or men, people of a certain age, or other factors.
  • Run multiple dispensary locations and coordinate marketing campaigns from one office with up-to-date information at your fingertips.
  • Manage your loyalty program by establishing rewards associated with accumulating points or purchases.
  • Track, fill, and close out orders placed on your website.
  • View and monitor website activity and sales via reporting features.
  • Monitor traffic to your website and view usage statistics via Google Analytics right from your dashboard.

Add more functionalities with Cannabis Software Integrations

In addition to the basic CRM functionalities we provide, we also provide the option of using more sophisticated or comprehensive third party marketing tools or services. Green Marimba’s web services department will work with you to select and integrate these products into the platform so that they work seamlessly with Metrc integration and other cloud-based services. We can help you select the tools that are most appropriate to your needs.

Zoho Crm MailChimp QuickBooks

Green Marimba is committed to bringing you the most comprehensive suite of tools for running a successful cannabis business. Contact Us for a demo today!

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