Cannabis Website Hosting with Metrc Integration

Host your cannabis business website on Green Marimba’s secure web platform and take advantage
of automated compliance reporting and built-in features for cannabis businesses.

When you host your website with us, we provide you with a private dashboard that you can use not only to develop and manage your website, but also your business operations. Take orders online and track them, monitor your loyalty programs, set up email and text message campaigns, manage your inventory, promote your products, create sales reports, manage your accounting, push content to in-store menus and flat screen displays, keep track of your documents, verify compliance, and update your Metrc account with the state tracking system – all from your Green Marimba dashboard, accessible on any computer, phone, or wireless device. And we are still growing: you can count on us to continue to integrate powerful tools and additional features as this exciting industry grows.

“The Licensee is at the center of all we do”


Monitor your loyalty programs and keep your customers satisfied
Take orders online and track them to reduce wait times and increase sales
Manage your inventory and see where you are running low or not selling
Analyze web traffic to see when customers come to your site and where they go
Push dynamic content to in-store menus and flat screen displays to engage customers
Create sales reports and see which products your customers like best
Set up email and text message campaigns to connect with your customers
Verify compliance with state and federal tracking systems to keep your business legal
Update your Metrc account automatically when you close online orders to reduce errors
Have less stress, and enjoy more free time!

What is Metrc, and why does integration matter?

Metrc™ (Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting and Compliance) is the state cannabis tracking system developed by the company Franwell, Inc.. As of 2017, it is the most widely used compliance system for states allowing recreational marijuana, having been adopted by Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, Alaska, Maryland, Michigan, and Ohio. It's main competitor is BioTrack, which has contracts with Washington, New Mexico, Illinois, New York, and Hawaii. Both require state licensees to integrate with their online system and submit daily reports that track sales and movement of cannabis products, from "seed to sale". They also maintain inventory data for all licensed cannabis businesses.

Metrc compliance reports can be sent manually using Franwell's browser or mobile app interface, or can be sent automatically by means of a back-end software integration. Point of Sale (POS) solutions used by marijuana businesses handle reporting for sales at a cash register. Green Marimba provides similar services for orders placed online via a grower, processor, or dispensary website, meaning that when you mark a sale as "closed" the relevant reports are sent, regardless when cash changes hands. If your website is hosted on another eCommerce platform, you would have to file the Metrc reports manually. For Green Marimba, Metrc-integration also means that once we have your license information we can access your inventory information from the state compliance system. This information is displayed on your dashboard, allowing you to monitor your stock for business purposes or verify that your physical inventory matches state records. We can also use this information to generate product menus for you, so you don't have to manually enter in all your product names.

No redesign necessary

Any existing website can be easily moved onto our platform to take advantage of these optional features, which can be ignored or added on at any time. If you don’t have a website yet or want to redesign your site, we can handle all your web design needs and get you up and running as soon as possible, with full-featured product menus automatically generated from your Metrc account or POS export files. And if you don’t like our service, you are free move your site elsewhere at any time. We offer inexpensive monthly rates with no lock-in or penalty fees for terminating service, and handle all your back-end site maintenance, WordPress/theme/extension upgrades, and security, with comprehensive support.

Other hosting companies

  • Website hosted with a company that has no connection to your business.
  • No integration between website and other business software.
  • Website host has no specific knowledge about your industry.
  • Website host offers generic business tools with minimal support.
  • Website host offers generic dashboard with only basic management tools.
  • Limited support.

Hosting with Green Marimba

  • Website hosted on a platform optimized for your industry.
  • The software tools you need to run your business can share information with your website.
  • We focus only on your type of business, and can help you design and add features as you need them.
  • Tools specifically designed for cannabis businesses can be integrated into your website.
  • Private dashboard provided where you can run all your business operations.
  • Full support

Wholesale vendor management platform (free!)

In addition to offering hosting for commercial dispensary, grower, wholesaler, or processor websites, Green Marimba also offers a platform for streamlining wholesale purchasing.

The process of getting a cannabis product into a retail store is cumbersome and inefficient for wholesalers and retailers. Growers have inventory only at certain times of the year, and it has to be moved quickly or stored which can be costly and risky for both security and quality reasons. For many growers, moving product is the least enjoyable and most stressful part of the business. Similarly, dispensaries spend a lot of time talking on the phone, requesting information, setting up appointments, and meeting with growers. Processors are in the middle and have similar frustrations and inefficiencies.

Green Marimba provides retailers and processors a free vendor management tool for purchasing from growers and wholesalers.

Cannabis businesses seeking to place products with retailers can consult dispensaries' purchasing protocols and instructions, post offers, and submit documentation and lab results. These offers appear on the retailer’s dashboard where a manager can view, accept, or reject them. If the dispensary accepts an offer made by a vendor, an order is placed on the vendor’s dashboard, where it can be tracked, filled and ultimately closed. When a delivery is made and the order is closed – on any computer, device, or phone – the platform automatically updates your Metrc account with the state.

Browse businesses on the Green Marimba marketplace

Dispensaries and other retailers are contacted directly by wholesalers and growers when they harvest. But the market is not perfect… you can be running low, and sometimes the phone doesn’t ring. Green Marimba allows retailers to browse products from all participating vendors right from their dashboard. Search for products, send out a specific request, or simply contact them by email or text message directly.

The opposite is true for growers and wholesalers… sometimes you have more product on hand then your current retail partners can purchase, and you need to expand your list of customers. On our network, growers and wholesalers can browse the websites of participating retailers and processors to identify potential new customers, and contact them directly with offers right from their dashboards. Everyone is connected.

The best part is that you control how your product is displayed. Whether you are a grower, wholesaler, processor, dispensary, or online delivery service, your brand is important, and you should have complete freedom to present it any way you like – with images, text, slideshows, or any other rich content.

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Metrc™ is a registered trademark of Franwell, Inc.

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