Cashless ATMs for Cannabis Companies*

* Not available in all states.

Introducing Green Marimba's Point of Banking system - an alternative to traditional merchant services.

Green Marimba is proud to offer cashless ATM (point of banking) services as part of our comprehensive offering of financial services for the cannabis industry. For cash-only dispensaries, the fastest and easiest way to increase revenue and grow your business is to start accepting purchases on debit cards. We offer a reliable and secure Point of Banking solution at attractive rates for dispensaries who are seeking an alternative to traditional merchant services.

What is Point of Banking and how does it work?

Point of Banking or Cashless ATM systems offer retailers who do not have traditional merchant services an alternative option for accepting debit cards. Similar to ATMs, customers can swipe their cards, enter their pin numbers, and receive a printed voucher that can be used as cash to purchase products. Just like an ATM, funds are debited from the customer’s account and deposited electronically in the merchant’s bank account within 48 hours. Note that Point of Banking or Cashless ATM systems allow your customers to purchase with debit cards only - credit cards are generally not supported.

Benefits of Point of Banking Systems for Dispensaries

Benefits of Point of Banking Systems for Growers

Our Point of Banking Rates

Green Marimba’s payment processing rates for debit cards are a flat $3.00 transaction fee.This fee can be passed on to the customer, making the transactions completely free for your business.

We will supply all clients with VX510 terminals at competitive prices either for purchase or lease - whatever works for your business.Our goal is to partner with you to make your cannabis business more efficient and increase your revenue. Supercharge Your Cannabis Workflow with Green Marimba’s comprehensive payment processing solutions.

We Offer Flexibility

Not sure what the right choice is for you? Don’t worry. We offer comprehensive financial solutions and want to work with you to find the right one for your business. If you purchase a Green Marimba Point of Banking system and later decide you would like to switch to traditional merchant services in order to accept credit cards (rather than only debit cards), we’ll be happy to set you up with a Green Marimba merchant services account. If you have been leasing a VX550 POB terminal from us, simply exchange it for a VX510 merchant services terminal under similar terms of lease. Whatever your needs are, Green Marimba is here to help!

Cannabis Payment Processing Security

Ensuring that debit card processing is safe, reliable, and accessible for everyone is an important step in ensuring that customers use their debit or credit cards. Green Marimba software and payment processing terminals follow strict PCI Compliance standards to keep your data safe.

Don’t take this for granted – make sure to choose a supplier who follows security protocol.

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