Cannabis Dispensary Websites

Host your dispensary website on Green Marimba’s Metrc™-integrated, web-based platform and enjoy automated compliance reporting and a suite of built-in tools for managing vendors, inventory, customer relationships, and more.

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Green Marimba offers cannabis businesses a secure platform to host websites with industry specific support, at competitive rates. We can help you design and build a new site or turn an existing one into a full eCommerce site with attractive product menus, online ordering for delivery or pick up, loyalty program, and other features. Full integration with state compliance systems such as Metrc means automated compliance reporting for online orders and dynamic, real-time inventory monitoring from any device, any time.

Green Marimba's comprehensive offering includes:

  • hosting, security, maintenance, and site updates
  • optional website design and development
  • rapid integration of new functionalities into an existing site
  • ready-to-go Metrc-integrated templates for fast development
  • back-end functionalities for inventory management, wholesale purchasing and vendor management, reporting, web marketing, customer relationship management, and more.

Best of all, our turnover time is fast - we can have you up and running as fast as you provide us with your content and images. We generate product menus automatically from inventory lists and state compliance systems, set up the back end for taking orders, and you can handle customizing the front end design. We can support you in any stage of the development process - and then we’ll maintain the site for you moving forward.

Start simple – and only pay for what you need. As you grow, we will help you add powerful features that are specifically designed to meet cannabis dispensaries’ unique web needs

Once you have a basic website up, we can help you add built-in features as you need them, such as interactive product menus, loyalty programs, online ordering, and SMS messaging. We can also provide back-end features such as inventory management, analytics and reporting features, wholesale order management, and more. As you grow, we’ll be there to make your website increasingly interactive, attractive, and useful. Integrate QuickBooks and you can run your whole business from your website. When MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal accept payments, we’ll help you start selling online. Want to start a delivery service? We’ll help you set that up. Step by step, we’ll be your partner for success.

Cannabis Software with Metrc™ integration

Green Marimba Cannabis Software integrates with your Metrc account. Our full Metrc integration means that any orders placed via your website - either purchases from vendors or sales to customers - will be seamlessly updated with the Metrc system to ensure your compliance. Our web platform also allows dispensary managers and owners to monitor inventory and sales posted to Metrc from any location, on any device.

Learn more about the benefits of hosting your site on our Metrc-integrated platform.

Customize Your Cannabis Software

Our highly intuitive user interface will have you up and running with minimal training. We’ll help you get set up, customize your product menus, set your prices, and start selling. Personalize your website with your colors, logo, and branding.

If you want to spend more time customizing it to fit into your existing website, Green Marimba also provides web design, development services on demand – at very competitive prices – to help you improve your site. We also provide help with optimizing your website for search engines (SEO). For more information, see our Web Design Services.

Features & Benefits of Our Complete Web Platform for Dispensaries

Building a good website is a key part of attracting customers to your business. As your business grows, your site will inevitably grow with it. Other hosting providers leave website development up to you, and are not experienced at web design or running a successful commercial website. At Green Marimba, we understand the stress, costs, and efforts involved in adding increasingly complex functionalities to your website. We can start you off with a free, bare-bones version to handle your immediate needs at the beginning when money is tight. We can also handle large enterprises with multiple locations, sophisticated marketing strategies, and delivery services.

Complete suite of features and functionalities:

Front End Website

Full web platform feature set:

  • Professional, customizable website that can stand alone or be integrated into the look and feel of your existing website. Increase the functionality of your existing website without spending time or money on development!
  • Offer product menus to your customers online, so they can see what you have before coming to your store - with updated inventory status from Metrc.
  • Shopping cart functionalities allow users to order products online for in-store pickup. With a Green Marimba merchant services account, users can pay for products online and pick them up (or have them delivered in accordance with local laws) with Metrc compliance handled seamlessly in the background.
  • Add additional website content such as blogs, forums, or resource pagesto your website to attract customers and increase page rank.
  • Implement customer loyalty programs – offer deals through the website in exchange for signing up, and target customers later based on their preferences.
  • Show off your product line with web-based in-store menus that are automatically updated with inventory data.
  • Social Media integration for easy sharing across SM platforms.

Administration Area

Full private dashboard functionalities:

  • View and manage your inventory, which is automatically updated based on your Metrc account.
  • Metrc information can be validated or audited at any time to ensure compliance.
  • Send targeted text messages based on a customer’s purchasing history, as part of a campaign or triggered by changes in inventory (new products, product availability, etc.)
  • Customer database, where customer information is collected and stored at time of sale or when they order online, with their permission.
  • Create email campaigns advertising special deals or notifying customers of changes in inventory, product offerings, or other store information.
  • Place and monitor orders with growers and other wholesalers and track the status of your order.
  • Monitor your store’s inventory and orders from anywhere, on any device.
  • Run multiple dispensary locations from one office with up-to-date information at your fingertips.

Expand Your Capabilities with Cannabis Software Integrations

In addition to the basic CRM functionalities we provide, we also provide the option of using more sophisticated or comprehensive third party tools or services. Because our platform is based on the popular WordPress platform, you are free to add plugins for other products that you decide that you want. Green Marimba’s web services department will work with you to select and integrate these products into the platform so that they work seamlessly with our cloud-based services. We can help you select the tools that are most appropriate to your needs.

Bringing It All Home

Our business model is as revolutionary as it is simple: we want to partner with you to help you develop the right web strategy for your business, and anticipate your needs with a variety of modular components for marketing, CRM, analytics, and more that can be easily integrated into your site when you are ready, at affordable rates.

Our team has a 20 year track record of hosting and managing secure commercial websites in other sectors. Let us handle your back end, so you can focus on design and running your business.

Unlike other vendors, we want to partner with you to help build your business and make your dispensary succeed.
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