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Sign up for the free version of Green Marimba's web platform, with inventory and vendor management tools, product menu, Metrc integration, and other add-on features. Reduce errors and time spent on phone calls, notes, coordinating with vendors, and compliance.

When you sign up, we will set up a web platform for you under the domain that comes with public website front-end and a back-end dashboard that combines WordPress functionalities with our cloud-based software for Metrc integration and other features. When it has been activated, we will contact you by email and you can schedule an onboarding session with us where we will integrate the site with Metrc using your Metrc™ API Key, help you get set up, and explain how to use the dashboard and features.

To see what the functionalities are that are available with the free version, consult the appropriate pricing page.

This site will be independent from any existing public website that you might have. If you like our functionalities, you might consider expanding your site or moving your existing public site onto our platform, where we can integrate our functionalities into your design, under your own domain.

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