Marijuana Merchant Account

We offer the most stable and affordable merchant accounts for the legal cannabis industry!

What is a Marijuana Merchant Account?

A marijuana merchant account will allow your dispensary or legal cannabis business to affordably and securely accept credit and debit card payments directly into your designated bank account. The reality of today's economy is that accepting credit cards is a necessary part of any business, and the cannabis industry is no different. Your dispensary or business will grow and benefit greatly from providing credit card processing options for your customers.

The idea of figuring out how to process credit cards in this industry can appear to be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Accepting credit card payments, and processing them, is easier than ever with Green Marimba.

Rates & Fees for Green Marimba Merchant Accounts

Our dispensary rates are just 4.95% and .25 per transaction. And we offer the option to add on a convenience fee and pass part or all of this fee on to the customer.

Green Marimba provides all merchants with VX520 EMV-chip terminals. These terminals handle EMV compliant transactions with the latest security protection for fraud prevention. You can purchase or lease the terminals – whatever works for you.

3 Key Benefits of Merchant Accounts with Green Marimba

Still not convinced you need a merchant account? The benefits of opening one are many. Here we outline the top three benefits to your business and customers.

How Does a Merchant Account Work?

Merchant accounts allow your cannabis business to process credit and debit cards. The processing of credit cards follows these three basic steps.

Marijuana Merchant Services Security

Ensuring that credit card processing is safe, reliable and accessible for everyone is an important step in ensuring that customers use their credit cards. Green Marimba software and payment processing terminals follow strict PCI Compliance standards, to keep your data safe.
Don’t take this for granted - make sure to choose a supplier who follows security protocol.
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