Marketing Your Dispensary

Do I really need to spend time on marketing?

Marketing your dispensary takes time and effort, and nobody likes to spend money on marketing if their business is growing on its own. Unfortunately, as competition grows in a new market, many businesses reach the point where their customer base is no longer expanding from walk-in traffic alone. And given the rate at which new licenses are being issued in recreational marijuana states, we expect a significant increase in competition by the end of the year in those markets. The good news? You can establish a foundation for future marketing efforts at low cost, by putting into place a simple framework for collecting customer contact information such as a loyalty program.

Customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention will determine which dispensaries succeed and which fail.

If your dispensary is established and profitable, your success over the next year will probably be determined by just two factors: customer retention, and attracting people new to marijuana. Location helps, but new delivery options will have a big impact, especially with low-price delivery competition from dispensaries with barebones (or no) public storefront and much lower overhead. Dispensaries that don’t make any effort to engage their customers beyond anonymous sales in stores will find it most difficult to grow, and those who develop some level of marketing efforts early will benefit… just like any other retail store. And most of the bigger dispensaries are already developing interactive websites, loyalty programs, text and email campaigns, as well as ensuring that operations are efficient through judicious use of software and web services.

Green Marimba makes marketing easy

Green Marimba’s Cannabis Marketing Platform is designed to provide a framework upon which an intelligent marketing effort can be based, organized, and directed – regardless of whether you want to spend an hour a week on marketing or an hour a day. Our web platform is based on an easy-to-use administrative dashboard, password protected and available anywhere, that you can use to manage all your marketing activities. The basics are built in:
Loyalty program, with means to award points, offer discounts, and send out custom emails to different groups of customers whenever you like.
Online ordering, built into a new website or integrated seamlessly into your existing website, that attracts users to your site and away from 3rd party aggregator sites.
SMS Marketing Platform, which can be used to set up automated text messaging based on flexible templates and unlimited scheduling options.
In-store signage, including menus, slide shows, images, and other web content that we can help you create, to be shown on any monitor in the store, to reinforce your brand.
These basic functionalities can be set up within 48 hours and managed as often or as infrequently as you like. Start slow, and see how the community around your dispensary grows. If you are on a commuter route, wouldn’t you like to know what zip codes your customers are coming from? Or wouldn’t you find it useful to keep track of the average age or gender of your customers? Knowing your customer will help you find your niche. Sticky websites, loyalty programs, and communication campaigns are all well tested tools that are strongly correlated with business growth and widely employed by retailers all over the world. Why wouldn’t they work in the cannabis industry too? And don’t forget about your exit strategy… if you end up selling your business, having good customer data makes your dispensary much more valuable.
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