Cannabis Wholesale Platform & Websites for Growers and Wholesalers

Streamline your sales processes and manage your business more efficiently by conducting sales on our Metrc-integrated cannabis wholesale platform for growers and wholesalers.

As a cannabis grower, one of the hardest aspects of the business is managing sales to dispensaries and other licensees. Cannabis growers devote considerable time and effort reaching out to buyers by phone, setting up deliveries, keeping track of sales, and reporting inventory changes to state tracking systems - time that could be spent on improving the quality of your product or increasing productivity. Green Marimba is here to help with a powerful cannabis wholesale platform for the medical and recreational cannabis industry.

Green Marimba is the industry leader for providing full-featured, managed cannabis websites for legal cannabis growers and wholesalers. We take care of hosting, security, maintenance, site updates, support, and can also work with you to design and develop your website the way you want it. If you already have a website, you can move it to our secure platform and integrate any of our functionalities and features into it. Our cannabis wholesale platform comes with built-in, customizable product menus and full shopping cart functionalities for taking orders for your cannabis products online. When you mark an order as completed, Metrc reporting is handled automatically and instantly reflected on your dashboard inventory display, which you can consult or manage from any web-enabled device. You can also track sales and productivity, market or advertise your products, and even post product offerings directly to dispensaries via our Vendor Management Platform.

Wholesale Cannabis Software with Metrc Integration

If you are doing business in Oregon, Colorado, or any other state that uses Metrc™ software for tracking compliance, we will integrate our e-Commerce platform with your Metrc account. When a customer orders one of your cannabis or cannabis related products via your website, your account with Metrc will be automatically updated when the sale is marked as completed, ensuring compliance and eliminating the need for any manual reporting.

Learn more about the benefits of hosting your e-commerce cannabis website on our Metrc-integrated platform.

Features & Benefits of Our Cannabis Wholesale Platform for Growers and Wholesalers

Front End Website

  • Fully managed professional, customizable website with hosting, security, maintenance, WordPress updates, and comprehensive support from our IT team.
  • Website functionalities that can be integrated into the look and feel of your existing website. Increase the functionality of your existing website without spending time or money on development!
  • Attractive, customizable product menus for your customers to browse - with updated inventory status from Metrc.
  • Shopping cart functionalities allow users to order products online for delivery. When orders are marked as completed, Metrc reporting is handled automatically to keep you fully compliant.

Administration Area

  • View and manage all marijuana related inventory and cannabis prices, which is automatically kept in sync with your Metrc account.
  • Avoid mistakes due to software bugs or human error - validate or audit the information on Metrc at any time to ensure that you are compliant.
  • Customer database where you can collect and store customer information when they order online, to track and maintain strong business relationships.
  • Submit offers directly to dispensaries, processors, or other legal cannabis wholesalers, which will appear on their websites for them to review. Receive notifications when your offers are accepted or rejected, or requests for more information.
  • Track online traffic to your website.

Why Should You Choose Green Marimba Cannabis Software for Producers & Wholesalers?

Bringing It All Home

We believe that cannabis growers like you should be able to focus on the aspects of the business that give you the most pleasure, and try to reduce the time that you spend on promotional and compliance tasks. Whether you are in the medical marijuana or recreational cannabis cultivation business, you need a strong e-commerce platform to promote your products effectively. At Green Marimba we know that building and managing a successful e-commerce website can be headache, and we want to help.

You know how to run your business; we know how to build and run successful cannabis wholesale websites. Let's both focus on what we do best.

At Green Marimba, we are not just a vendor: we want to partner with you to grow your cannabis business.
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