Cannabis Web Design and SEO Services

Whether launching a new cannabis business website or improving your web presence,
we can help you design and build what you need to succeed.

For cannabis companies, having a well-designed website is particularly important. Not only is the industry getting more and more competitive, but as marijuana continues to gain social acceptance, bigger and deeper pockets are getting involved. While good design represents an up-front cost, your website is the most cost-effective way to compete on a level playing field against well-capitalized partners. It is also the best tool you have to increase your customer base. As your business grows, you are going to want improve your site and learn to use it to engage customers, build community, and establish your brand.

Ultimately, your web presence will end up being an important asset that will add to the value of your business.

Already have a website, but no growth or marketing strategy? We can move your site onto our Metrc-integrated platform, enabling you to add on additional functionalities as you need them and providing access to additional private dashboard features like inventory management tools, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and more. As part of our process, we'll identify how much you want to budget on your site, how much time you have to spend on it, and what your goals are. We'll help you plan an ongoing development strategy and teach you how to monitor it, help you identify how your site is being used and how best to improve it. As you learn where your strengths and weaknesses are, we can help you adjust your strategy and develop new features, like online ordering, loyalty programs, and more.

Web Consulting Services

Along with design and development, we can help you with valuable insights about how your competitors are using the web to promote their products, and what standards are emerging for web engagement in the cannabis industry. We deliver our cannabis web platform with a Google Analytics page so you can monitor traffic to your site. Part of Green Marimba’s commitment to our clients is to be the first place you turn to for expertise in how to use your platform to increase business and drive sales.

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In order to get the traffic you want on your site, you will want to develop a well thought out search engine optimization strategy. As part of setting up your site, we have a process that we can walk you through in order to develop a strategy and a plan for executing it. This includes helping you identify which of your target key phrases you have the best chance of competing on, developing the kind of site structure and internal links that Google likes, providing guidelines for content development and establishing topical authority, and teaching you how to do your own research and monitor your success.

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