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Cannabis software, eCommerce, and marketing platforms

- Cannabis software for Metrc integration and compliance
- Cannabis wholesale platform
- Secure website hosting for cannabis businesses
- eCommerce/Online ordering platform for all license types
- Web/SMS marketing platform for dispensaries
- Vendor management platform for dispensaries

Cloud-based technology and sales, compliance, and online marketing services for cannabis businesses

Increased efficiency and higher revenues for marijuana dispensaries, producers, and processors

Supercharge Your Cannabis Workflow

Green Marimba™ is a leading cannabis software provider, delivering web services and platforms for implementing the strategies and key functions growers, processors, and dispensaries need to succeed. Services include E-Commerce website management, Metrc™ compliance and integration, inventory management, vendor management tools, SMS marketing platform, payment processing, CRM and customer loyalty programs.


Dispensary Websites

Host your website on our Metrc-integrated platform, and take advantage of our built-in tools.

Wholesaler Websites

Manage sales and deliveries via your B2B website on our Metrc-integrated eCommerce platform.

Web Marketing Platform

Engage customers better with loyalty programs, online ordering, email campaigns, and CRM tools.

SMS Marketing Platform

Send your customers text messages with deals, specials, event notices, pickup/delivery messages, and more.

Web Design, Development, and SEO services

Want to improve your existing website? We work with all of our clients to ensure that their web presence is on track for success. If your site needs improvement, we will be happy to walk you through the process of determining where changes could be made within the context of a long term web strategy. Because we work only with clients in the cannabis industry, we are uniquely positioned to help you accentuate your strengths and find the niches where you can compete most successfully.

Green Marimba's design process starts with evaluating your online business strategy. We'll explore the specific goals you have, whether it's providing information, promoting specific products, engaging customers, building a community, or conducting business online via a full eCommerce website or delivery service. We'll also help you identify the key phrases that you want to compete on in organic searches, develop a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, handle all the necessary on-page SEO, and teach you how to monitor traffic on your site to stay one step ahead of your customers and competition.

Once we understand the features and functionalities you want to offer, and how they fit into your overall business goals and marketing and SEO strategies, we'll help you assess your current design in comparison with your competition and decide what changes might be made or whether you want to change your design. Based on your budget, we will create a development plan on the schedule that works for you. Of course, if you already have a designer you wish to work with, we will provide them with all the resources they need and let you take the reins.



Our software integrates with leading industry services to provide best-of-class options for your business. Manage sales, marketing campaigns, vendors, customer relationships, compliance reporting, inventory, and finances on our platform from the convenience of your dashboard.

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Metrc™ Integration

Legal cannabis states have strict compliance laws and Metrc™ is the regulatory compliance system used in Colorado, Alaska, and Oregon. We make sure your business is Metrc compliant, so you can focus on what you do best. All sales, adjustments, and package closures are integrated with our platform and updates are automatically processed in Metrc™.

Real-time Inventory Control

Knowing the status of your inventory is key to your business operations. Seamlessly track your Seed to Sale inventory across multiple sales channels, eliminating costly inventory write-offs and over commitments of products that degrade your brand. Your dispersed sales staff can access your inventory 24/7 via their mobile phone or tablets.

QuickBooks™ Integration

Our eCommerce systemis fully integrated with QuickBooks™ Online, the premiere business accounting system. Seamless integration of your online ordering system provides easy synchronization for all of your accounts, products and orders, saving valuable staff time and eliminating human error in your accounting process.

Secure Online Ordering

The heart of your website is a fully managed eCommerce system to securely sell your products online. We offer all mobile optimized templates, support for multiple pricing levels, purchase orders, order history and many more important B2B features. Allow your buyers to make orders online for pickup or delivery and see your sales increase while sales support decreases significantly.

Information Security

Information Security can make or break a business. We are dedicated to protecting all customer data and use the industry’s leading standards, including compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Our team has decades of experience in the security standards industry to bring to your business.

Disaster Recovery

Protect your organization's compliance, account and product data with a managed data backup and recovery plan. Disasters can happen, but with Green Marimba your business is protected against data loss.

Credit Card Payment Processing

Our integrated payment processing platform combines traditional credit card, Point of Banking, and eWallet technologies to provide a robust payment processing platform. We determine the lowest cost option for each sale, while providing redundancy so your payment processing function will never go down. We will replace all hardware at no cost to your business.

Cannabis Legal Compliance

We offer legal support and compliance oversight services, provided by experienced Colorado attorneys. Don’t leave anything to chance - make sure your business is legal, compliant, and ready to succeed.
Cannabis Software by Green Marimba