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AWS Cloud Migration Services

Considering a move to the cloud? Your data is one of the most important assets of your business, so it must be securely stored and accurately processed. Moving data and systems to a cloud computing platform like Amazon Web Services (AWS) helps ensure applications and data remain secure, compliant, cost-effective, and perform optimally.

If your business has outgrown the capabilities of your legacy systems, a data migration project may be needed. Green Marimba’s AWS certified architects can help your organization complete an AWS migration in a timely, affordable manner.

Why Choose the AWS Cloud?

Quite simply, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world’s leading cloud platform. AWS provides state of the art cloud infrastructure across various regions, at affordable prices. That’s why we work exclusively with AWS for all of our clients' cloud infrastructure needs.

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Building a Reliable AWS Data Migration Strategy

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Migrating services to the AWS cloud requires a phased approach that includes an in-depth readiness assessment, intensive planning and mobilization, and migration of operations, with each phase building on the previous one.

Let us help your organization build a continuous and uninterrupted business process, leveraging the benefits of the AWS cloud. Businesses considering a migration to the cloud should start with an in-depth assessment to determine crucial data and AWS required systems. Our team, led by an AWS certified architect, employs best practices for cloud migration services to help large and small businesses move data to the cloud quickly and without issues.

AWS Cloud Migration Checklist

Our cloud architecture philosophy follows the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework. That is to build architectures that are:

  • operationally excellent,
  • secure,
  • reliable,
  • performant,
  • and cost-effective.

We can help your business determine the right-sized and optimized instances you need in your new cloud infrastructure. Our assessment takes into consideration security threats and all related data concerns for your AWS migration.

Assess Your Current Infrastructure & Needs:

  • What are your desired business outcomes?
  • What does your infrastructure and current resources look like?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses in your current data center for your platform?
  • What data security issues are of concern?
Green Marimba I/O AWS cloud migration checklist

Consider Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Some organizations decide not to move to the cloud in one migration and instead opt for a hybrid solution. The Hybrid migration strategy is best suited for companies that have numerous applications. While some services are migrated to the cloud, others are kept intact in your data center. It is a lower risk approach that can offer optimal results.

Green Marimba can work with organizations on hybrid cloud migrations, to securely link your current infrastructure with the cloud. We’ll help you get it right the first time.

AWS Migration Checklist: After the Migration

Green Marimba I/O AWS after the migration

Testing plays a pivotal role in devising the post-migration strategy. Again, Green Marimba can assist with our test automation services and AWS services management.

Cost optimization is vital in the pre and post-migration phase. You wanted to move to the cloud to save money, right? One of the great things about the AWS cloud is that you only need to pay for what you use. But again, cloud experience and your initial needs assessment comes into play here. Incorrectly figuring load can increase costs dramatically and worse, negatively impact workloads.