Cloud Data Security – How hackers are targeting cloud infrastructure

Cloud data security risks are at an all time high, with nearly constant attacks targeting company cloud infrastructure. The risks to Cloud infrastructure is a growing target for cyber attackers because of available computing resources, as well as the repositories of valuable data, a report reveals. These risks are not likely to subside. In order to implement effective security against cloud infrastructure and data, it is important to understand what types of attacks are being used – the attack vectors.


Malware is now rapidly adapting in real-time to security systems offered by security suppliers, the report said, with the top three most common malware variants seen being cryptocurrency miners, which researchers said have become more sophisticated, evasive and even destructive.

One of the biggest trends identified by a wide range of security suppliers so far this year is the increased use of illicit cryptocurrency miners by cyber attackers to generate funds by tapping into victims’ processing power, with the number of organisations impacted doubling to 42% compared with the previous six months.

Data Ex-filtration

Several cloud-based attacks, mainly those involving data ex-filtration and information disclosure, derived from poor security practices, including credentials left available on public source code repositories or the use of weak passwords. Across the various industries, hackers  have repeatedly exfiltrated an assortment of data including victims’ full names, Social Security numbers, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers, plus usernames and even plain text passwords. Possibly the most targeted data among cyber criminals is card payment data and some credit and debit card numbers including associated names, expiration date, customer data, medical records, and classified company data are frequently targeted. . This type of payment information can also be sold on the black market, which is easy for hackers to do in specialized hacker data markets on the internet.

Cloud Storage

Businesses, particularly big businesses, have moved to cloud storage options in recent years to store their data as cloud storage solutions have meant they no longer have the costs associated with storing all their information in large data centers. Cloud storage is generally cheaper, and easy to scale to any size. Still, many businesses don’t seem to grasp the potential risks of using cloud storage for storing sensitive customer and company data.

Protecting Your Cloud Infrastructure

Being that many companies now house highly targeted information in the cloud, it is critical that safeguards are implemented to protect it. Establishing these safeguards requires an in depth assessment of your network in order to determine areas that are vulnerable, and areas that present future risks. Additionally, we recommend that you regularly test your systems in order to identify the impact of their potential compromise.

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