As all IT managers know, hiring a new employee is a big step with far reaching consequences. Whether your tech team is large or small, each member fills an important role and a weak link is sure to negatively affect productivity for the whole. That’s why each hire is an important decision that affects your business goals. At the same time, hiring is time consuming and expensive and who really enjoys rifling through hundreds of resumes? That’s where outsourced IT staffing comes in.

What is Outsourced IT Staffing?

Outsourcing is the practice of having certain job functions done outside a company instead of having an in-house department or employee handle them. Outsourced IT staffing then is when businesses contract with an IT staffing agency to recruit and place Internet Technology professionals. Outsourcing IT staffing has become a major trend in human resources over the past decade.

Why Outsourced IT Staffing Works

With an offshore IT staffing model, the staffing provider and/or contractors are located at an offshore location, which means it is geographically distant from where the client is based. Typically this type of staffing works with a location that offers cost savings to the employing business. Of course with offshore IT staffing, India comes to mind. India has a strong IT workforce, but team communication, time zone, language and cultural differences can make these relationships and projects difficult to manage.

Another option is nearshore development from Mexico and Latin America. This type of offshore development provides the best combination of cost-savings with easy communication and management for teams working in the same timezone as the US customer.

Here are the four top reasons to consider outsourced IT Staffing for your business.

Outsourced IT Staffing Allows Businesses to Hire the Best Techs

Why Outsourced IT Staffing WorksIt can be difficult to find good applicants with specialized IT skills in your area. Outsourcing for technical IT needs, like test automation, is the best way to get access to top programmers who are talented, have the skills needed to get the job done, and the training necessary to perform their job correctly.

Green Marimba hires top engineering talent from Mexico and Latin America. Our management team understands what companies want and how to deliver exceptional service.

Outsourced IT Staffing Reduces Costs

Hiring and training new employees can be time consuming and expensive. Businesses need to manage recruiting, advertising, interviewing, background checking, and skills testing for applicants, just to find the right candidate.

Once a candidate is hired, ongoing costs need to be considered. Medical insurance and retirement plans are also expenses that need to be considered. IT staffing firms will handle payroll and HR for its workers, so your business will also save on administrative and overhead costs.

Offshore providers such as Green Marimba provide IT talent at low industry rates. Select contractors to meet your IT needs – from recent college graduates with little experience to seasoned professionals with Amazon Web Services architect certifications.


Outsourced IT Staffing Provides Flexibility Of Scale

One of the reasons many companies come to us is the need for a flexible, scalable workforce. With IT staffing services it’s easier than ever to get short-term and temporary workers when you need to augment your core team’s work. Hiring temporary workers to complete projects allows businesses to fulfill IT staffing needs without the financial commitment of ongoing employment. You can increase or decrease your workforce when your workload calls for it, without breaking the bank.

Offer Your Business a Competitive Advantage

Hiring the right people for your complex IT business needs is one of the most important decisions tech managers can make.

Green Marimba has the experience and resources to help your team find a great hire. You can rest assured that the contractors you have won’t come up short in their job performance while you stay on track growing your business.


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